Sunsets in Santa Fe

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Sunsets in Santa Fe

All too often in my capacity as a teacher of writing as well as that of a writing consultant, I am confronted with writers trying to be clever for the sake of cleverness. This can sometimes prove a detriment to good storytelling.

Visioning Your Story

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Where do stories come from? Whether you create an original story or re-create a known one, you as the writer must still make it your own. And this requires a personal journey – both inner and outer.

Webinar on Writing Memoir, May 20, 2011

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Don’t miss Catherine Ann Jones, as she joins the National Association of Memoir Writers to discuss the Way of Story for writers at all stages of their memoir writing journey.

Theater 150’s production of On the Edge, Oct-Nov 2004

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Sometimes story ideas may arise from what happens to us in our own lives. Yet they usually connect with something felt within. My first long play was about Virginia Woolf. I was still acting then and had been cast to play Virginia Woolf in the comedy, An Evening in Bloomsbury by Victoria Sullivan, produced off-Broadway in New York.