Esalen Institute with Heal Your Self with Writing

Heal Your Self with Writing at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA

After seven years of planning my funeral which turned into a game as a way to address suicidal thoughts, you gave me Hope.  – Kelli M., Brooklyn, NY

This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I greatly appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us. I will carry this time with you for the rest of my life. – Daniel P., LA, CA

Catherine Ann Jones is a genius at using a wide-range of techniques to help you unlock emotional touchstones.                 – Jim D., Santa Monica, CA


This marked my 16th year teaching at the Esalen Institute but 2021 was unique and more intense than other years. This was a Pandemic year and the 27 in the Heal Your Self with Workshop brought with them some heavy stuff: suicide and deaths of family, anxiety disorders, fear of what comes next. At first the group – though writing the short exercise prompts – was hesitant to share. By the end of the 2nd day, the dam broke and the river of self-healing began. By the 5th day, each one had blossomed as evident in the partial group photograph above.

Teaching has its rewards and one is that no workshop is the same and the stories that arise from each experience of teaching are unique, individual.

Writing is the best therapy I know, and as I travel the world (pre-pandemic) I witness the miracle of self-healing in Europe, UK, India, Kuwait, and across the United States.

I once saw a flower grow from a cemented sidewalk and marveled at the persistence of life. Human beings – such as the group this year at Esalen – are like that.

Regardless of what is thrown at them – personally or collectively – they persist and thrive.

And I marvel at this each and every time I teach.

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