From Iran to California: Group Sharing with Way of Story and Heal Your Self with Writing

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Some while back, I received an email from Iran with photo of a new publication of my first book, The Way of Story: the craft & soul of writing. (My publishers knew nothing of this pirated edition.)

It was a beautiful cover and the email came from one who had purchased the Iranian version of my work.

He wrote to say that he and a group of men had been meeting weekly for the past year and were now going through the book for the second time, doing the writing exercises as a group then sharing their stories. Apart from a slight regret that no royalties would be coming my way, I was heartened that Iranian men were taping their right brain and nourishing their souls through creativity.

Recently, I received a beautiful greeting card which said, “Just follow your heart and you’ll never get lost.” Inside was this message from a grateful reader of my second book, Heal Your Self with Writing:

After being led to Heal Your Self with Writing, I gifted a copy to a dear friend in Utah. We have begun the process of working through the short exercises together (through scheduled weekly phone dates).

Wow! Your direction is so positive and refreshing. Although we have just begun, already we are excited knowing the healing process has  begun and will continue.

Thank you for sharing your gift, intuition, wisdom, and heart through this amazing book, a true healing tool!

With gratitude, Pam G., CA

Bill Moyers once remarked:

Once in East Africa, on the shores of an ancient lake,

I sat alone and suddenly it struck me what community is.

It is gathering around a fire and listening to someone tell us a story.

Expressing and listening to one’s story is an ancient mode of healing. There is an overwhelming need today for people to be heard, to tell their stories, to learn and grow from their experience both individually and collectively.  It is crucial that we offer constructive, transformative methodology for this process.  It may mean the difference between deep healing and some form of “acting out” or self-destruction — both personally and collectively.

I like to think of this as an universal process for peace – both individually and collectively.

The books are available on amazon in print, Kindle, or audible. Also as online courses on home page:

Keep listening and sharing your stories.

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