Stories Come from Unexpected Places

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Stories Come from Unexpected Places

“It is a still stranger thing that there is nothing
      so delightful in the world as telling stories.”
                    Virginia Woolf

A therapist friend challenged me to write children’s stories taken from my own childhood memories. He further asked me to come every so often and share these stories with his three young children. So, thinking ‘I’ve never done that before so this sounds like fun’, I accepted the challenge. Every two weeks, I write a new story and drive over to my friend’s wife and three children (the therapist being at work) for Story Hour.

We’ve had nine stories so far and the children won’t let me stop. Though pre-school age, the children sit and listen to the four page stories, many which involve former pets of my childhood, a horse born on my birthday, a black lamb given me on Easter, two ducklings won at the State Fair, and others. Then we all take paper and crayons or colored pencils and draw the story, this is my Green Dragon that came from one of the stories called Cloud People.


The oldest child, a lively boy, suggested we all become the animals. So now after the story and the drawing, we become the story. We play. Remember play? I had largely forgotten how important play is at any age. And surprisingly, when we join the very young at play, that very young person we once was comes alive again. Isn’t that great?

Now, in- between Story Hours, I get ideas for new stories. Here’s an example. I was driving in town the other day, and suddenly I saw a mimosa tree. This brought up a childhood memory of when I was seven or so in Texas. There was a tall mimosa tree just in front of my swing. I would sit on the swing and see how high it would go, aiming always to touch my barefoot on a high branch of the mimosa tree. Later on, I began talking and telling my wishes to the now magical mimosa. That’s the title: The Magical Mimosa. And then, magically a story is born.

If not challenged by my therapist friend, I would probably never have written these stories for children,  nine tales now and growing. And yet these stories from childhood were there waiting to be tapped. If I hadn’t tried something new, other than the plays, films, non-fiction books I usually write, I would not have allowed this long, forgotten part of myself to both emerge and play.

This experience made me realize how vital it is to be remain open not only as a writer, but as a human being as well.

Meanwhile never forget that ‘Stories Come from Unexpected Places’

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