Join award-winning Catherine Ann Jones on ZOOM Nov 7-8

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Catherine Ann Jones

       Catherine Ann Jones

A Self Healing Workshop Nov 7-8 on Zoom

The world is changed by your example,

not by your opinion.

                                     Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

  Karma means action. Not praying for blessings or good health, but working for them. You make your own karma every moment.   – Pico Iyer

                           Self-Healing Workshop

   with award-winning author Catherine Ann Jones

               Nov 7-8, Sat-Sun: 10am -1pm on ZOOM

This is a time for reflection and self-healing as well as healing for the planet and all sentient beings. We are, from early childhood, encouraged to help others, yet it is crucial to first build a foundation of support for our own strength and well-being. This foundation begins with self-healing ourselves, then from this alchemical healing arises a wisdom and compassion that can be shared with others.

In this 2-day workshop, the foundation will be on self-healing and evolving the Inner Voice for Intuitive Awareness. Visualizations and short writing exercises are creative tools to develop the inner awareness of ourselves and others.

Through this experiential workshop, what some call ‘destiny’ can achieve a greater clarity: what we are here to do and the right timing to respond to the call for action.

Then one’s destiny can become a dharmic practice, providing both meaning and purpose – so needed today more than ever.


Catherine Ann Jones showed me how to write my way out of the darkness and into the light.                              – Beth T., Athens, GA

Luminous……ever constant. The stories come and go and some may fire up, spark, as you have inspired so many to uplift and resuscitate the voice of their inner heart. Catherine Ann Jones is blessed with a beautiful and profound gift as a spiritual healer, through writing and storytelling.  –   Thom Cooney Crawford, NY, NY

Wonderful!! Absolutely amazingly, delightful! Catherine knows how to break through your barriers and tap into your own personal creative potential. She is gentle, while prodding your brain to open up.         – Mieke Blom, Holland

Catherine Ann Jones is a superb teacher who knows how to open doors to the creative, psychological, and spiritual. She gave each of us thoughtful, personal instruction, listening carefully to our stories. A brilliant being…. many thanks!

Marietta S., Larspur, CA

To register:  and follow instructions below:

  • Home Page: Click on Gypsy Card Readings then use PayPal for fee of $125 (this will be for the workshop – not a reading)
  • Next email your email address to and once registered, the Zoom link will be sent to you the day before the first Class.
  • Or just send a check for $125 to Catherine A. Jones,

     105 S. Arnaz Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

*On Nov 7 and 8, Sat and Sun, 10am just put link in Search Engine to join the class on Zoom. Have paper & pen handy.

     Let your voice be heard.