“My job is to focus on how to make the book or script better and accessible to a wide audience without betraying the author’s vision.”

                                                                               Catherine Ann Jones

Writing Consultations for Books, Fiction & Non-fiction, Plays & Screenplays

This special service opens deeper dimensions of creativity through an in-depth analysis & specific notes on rewriting. The writing consultations feature the following:

  • Story structure
  • Character development
  • Dialogue, not conversation
  • Thematic through line of your story
  • Discovering and serving your unique voice
  • Line by line, page by page specific notes
  • Copy Edit + Content Edit
  • Creating a marketable selling script or book

Smiley_Face5% off for former clients:

Hourly consultation for story structure & development – $200 per hour / 2 hrs. minimum

Script & Play consultation – $3500

Book Consultations (under 250 pp) – $4500

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Writing Consultations

Several clients have had their books published this year, and the authors have kindly added a dedication to me in them. Teaching and consulting has its own rewards! Keep Writing!

– Catherine Ann Jones

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Appreciation from clients:

At last, a working, professional writer who teaches writing!

-Joe S., San Francisco, CA

Rarely does one find an individual with such wide experience as a screenwriter, actress, author and  international literary teacher. As a result of her guidance as a writing consultant and writing classes I have gained unmeasurable help.

Elizabeth Upton, The Shaman and the Mafia (July 2014)

Catherine’s editing and review services are superbly professional, timely, complete, and detailed. In addition to standard checks grammar, style, syntax, and  typos, Catherine also provided an assessment on the plot (way of story), readability, and pull to the reader. It was a pleasure working with her. If anyone can help make a good story better, it is Catherine.

Dr. Chip B., Alexandria, VA.(March 2017)

Thank you for a great consult. You know when you get involved in a project it can get discouraging, when you feel like you’re drowning in too much material, and you wonder, “Why did I start this in the first place?” So today I feel much more centered, and working with you has given me “a plan.” Yes, I have a plan.

– Kathy Schultz, Ventura, CA

Catherine, thank you again for your remarkable input today. I can’t wait to get started!

– Margaret Pangert, New Jersey

I feel compelled to write and thank you. Your soulful approach is really the missing element in the business. Thank you for being in the world!

– Julia Poll, Hollywood, CA

I just wanted you to know that working with you has been priceless. Thank you for your inspiration and insight, the process and structure, and for openly acknowledging the gift of the soul.

– Antoinette Braks, Creative Director, NY, NY

Dear Catherine, I can’t thank you enough for your incredibly valuable feedback and for your wonderful book, which I loved. But my wife, who has seen previous acts, saw it last night and said this one is so much richer and more universal than any of my previous acts. Since you and I talked I must have written eight other drafts, each one getting more focused, I hope. The idea of talking to my dad really crystalized the whole thing for me. I also really appreciated your comment about keeping it all in present – it makes it so much more fun and actable. I hope you can come up and see one of the performances August 18,19,25 & 26 at 8:00 p.m. I hope to see you there.

– Clark Sayre, Inventures & Life Lessons, Santa Barbara & NYC

Hiring Catherine as a Script Consultant was one of the best moves I made during the creation of my film    more…

-Tommy Merry

Catherine Ann Jones is an important writer and has extraordinary power.

-Julie Harris

Catherine, just wanted to say thanks again for your careful critique of my treatment. It really helped! I want to share the new treatment with you sometime soon.

-Ken Wade, Simi Valley, CA

Hi Catherine – Thanks for the consult last Saturday, and for your book. I’ve studied many books on writing and yours is quite a distinctive approach.

-Kathy Schultz, Santa Barbara Screenwriters Assoc.

I thank you for you critique, I find it very valuable. I’m reading your book I find there is such a lovely ease and grace and flow in it, that I’m glued to it. There’s something coming through – and I wanted to let you know that. I’ve read a lot of books on screenplays (really) and most of them have a textbook-y, kind of forced quality

-Yudit Ecsedy, Yugoslavia