Card readings, a perfect gift for that special person 

Gypsy Card Readings with Catherine Ann Jones

Psychic Reader for over 45 years

Just wanted to tell you that your reading was incredibly accurate in ways I couldn’t even have imagined and has made me rethink and refine my ideas about free will, fate, and karma.                                                                                          –  Karen A., El Paso, TX

“You are a world-class wisdom keeper for our times.”

I’d like to introduce this part of myself by sharing the story of how it came

card reader 2to be that I began card readings. I was living in New York City and working as an actress when an older friend from Argentina called to say she was coming to New York to see me. She told me that her former nanny, a gypsy from Spain, had taught her a very unique system of reading ordinary playing cards as fortune telling. The gypsy told my friend that she must promise to teach one person this unique system of reading fortunes. My friend then told me she believed I was the one to continue the legacy. The following three weeks, she taught me. Then after bestowing on me this unique legacy, she passed away three days later.

For thirty-five years, I did card readings for friends gratuitously. Then an internationally known medium from Bali, whom I had read for, advised me to begin to read cards professionally. At first, I hesitated but then within the same week, another psychic friend told me the same thing, and as I regard both highly, I felt it was time to serve Spirit in this way.

My clients are from all over the world and the readings come through the same on the phone as in person.

The readings cover recent past, current, and up to a year in the future.

For in-person or phone reading appointments: Contact Catherine

 Fee will be $125 for a 45 minute reading or $250 for 1.5 hours.

For $75 more, order Astrological Natal Chart & Interpretation emailed to you. 

For an additional $50 a 3- month Transit Chart & Interpretation emailed to you.

For astrological requests only: Name, exact time of birth, date, place of birth & email address

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Gypsy Card Reading

Thank you for our time yesterday, it is very sacred and special for me. I am so glad I have the recording to listen to over and over. A huge honor and pleasure to be with you and learn from you.  -Rhetah K., Ojai, CA

I’m deeply grateful, Catherine, for your insightful, inspiring, informative, hope-filled reading. I will heed your inner work advice. I will do the work! You’ve given me much positive work on which to focus, and validation in which to take comfort.                                    – Molly W., Portland, OR

Thank you for your reading yesterday and for the wonderful advice for my son. My worries are gone. I trust the future will take care of itself. You are such an amazing woman and a great teacher.

– Marielle T., Quebec, Canada

“Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was lovely to talk to you. This has really been synchronicity. I feel better already!” – Margaret I., New York City

“Thank you for the guidance you gave me yesterday. My hope has been renewed by knowing where to focus.” – Mimi, Eureka Springs, AR

Great reading and the astrology chart is SPOT ON! – Alice M., Santa Monica, CA

“Thank for helping people like me live the life of who I truly am.” – Tamiko O., Hawaii

“Catherine showed me how to find my way out of the darkness and into the light.”

“You are a world-class wisdom keeper for our times.”

“Catherine is an amazing guide!”

“Catherine offers sound spirit guidance through her readings to help navigate these rapidly accelerating times.”

“Thank you for a great card reading. It continues to be very
helpful and some of the things you saw have already occurred. In particular,
your advice about my marriage guides me daily.”

Thank you so much for the reading.  Everything you said was just perfect. Your intuitive gift is clear and bathed in the light of kindness. –  Susanna J., Ojai, CA

It was a perfect time to have a reading with you—clarifying, affirming, emboldening.

 Renee S. Oakland, CA