Interview with Catherine Ann Jones, Friday Nov 6, 2016

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Interview with Sharkie Friday, 11/6 at 10:00 a.m. on HealthyLife.Net All Positive Talk Radio Home   The Monday after the airing the show will be available in the archives for immediate listening and downloads for three months.

On the Edge: the final years of Virginia Woolf wins NEA award

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On the Edge: the final years of Virginia Woolf wins NEA award

On the Edge: the final years of Virginia Woolf wins the N.E.A. AWARD   A Note from the Playwright: Sometimes story ideas may arise from what happens to us in our own lives.  Yet they usually connect with something felt within. I was still acting then and had been cast to play Virginia Woolf in […]

Video Interview in Dallas, Texas, 2008

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Interview in Dallas, Texas, 2008

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For an informal interview with Catherine Ann Jones taped in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, referencing subjects as diverse as the Mayan Calendar, psychic visions, writing in New York and Hollywood, growing up in Japan, the growth of the soul click on

Beyond Survival interview

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Invited to be interviewed by artist Jim Joseph on his show The Art of Survival, June 24, 2012. Interview: This is a very different kind of interview than the ones I am usually asked to do. Though I speak of the power of creativity as therapy and growth, we also talk of philosophical matters […]

New interview on Art of Survival radio show June 24, 2012

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Interviewed today on Art of Survival Radio Show. Creativity, Writing, Uncertain Times, Philosophy, and more. Just click on link and you’re there: Interview: interview with Catherine Ann Jones on Heal Yourself with Writing

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> Friday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel > > The Vital Life: Awakening Your Full Potential > Heal Yourself with Writing with Catherine Ann Jones > August 12, 2011 > > How do we put together the pieces of the past? How can we rewrite our life story? […]

Audio Interview with Julia McCutchen

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Audio Interview with Julia McCutchen

Julia McCutchen of the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers interviews Catherine Ann Jones.

Interview in England with Imagine magazine. July 2010

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38 39 Interview_The_Writer ‘The Way of Story’, the workshop and the online course is for all forms of narrative writing. Anything with story, it helps, and animated films have story. So what happens on your workshops and courses? It’s a little different in that it’s not like a lecture or something like that, […]

International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers: Oct 7,2010 Interview

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The Way of Story Guest Catherine Ann Jones Date Thursday 7th October Time 16:00 BST/11:00 EST In the Beginning was Story … Stories orient the life of a people through time, establishing the reality of the world. Without story, it could be said that we do not really exist. The power of story is how […]