The Women of Cedar Creek Reviews

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in The Women of Cedar Creek Reviews

The Women of Cedar Creek (NY Drama League Award & The Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Award) by Catherine Ann Jones is a very earnest drama about the inability to preserve a vanishing era of family history giving the audience a lesson in bereavement, the realization of mortality, and the consequences of addressing the skeletons in the closet. “The ghosts that haunt us aren’t in the walls. They are inside of us, and we carry them wherever we go.”

Santa Barbara Reporter

That was such a delight last night! It is a lovely, touching, funny, sad piece. Hooray for you!

–            Amanda McBroom

Enjoyed your play so much.  It flowed so beautifully and everyone in it was so good.

Thank you, Donna

Excellent…good casting, too. Big Bravos! Your play is a masterpiece…so well written: clever, funny, poignant, sad…it has it all.

Betty & Paul Stookey

Your Texas play took me decades back in time.   The phrases that made me laugh out loud were the same ones I heard growing up.  Powerful!

Marilee Zdenek