Surviving the Pandemic

Esalen Institute in August

                                   As long as we are waiting, we are not living.

Apart from my writing (books, plays, movies) and teaching writing, I have for 45 years been a psychic reader. During the pandemic, I found many clients (from the U.S. to countries abroad) who had phone readings, were at turning points in their lives, as if the pandemic had halted their movements and they had retreated and were waiting to live their lives. It occurred to me that ‘as long as we are waiting, we are not living’.

Of course, I am fortunate that though I could not travel the world and teach workshops as before, I could and have taught workshops on ZOOM, done psychic readings by phone, worked as a writing consultant from home, and writing books from home as well. I read this morning for a woman living in England and her work had been stopped due to the pandemic and subsequently loss of income. Even so, I have always found that when one door closes, another opens. In this case, an opportunity to turn within and do the inner work, reflect, meditate, discover what it is you really want to do. For some whom I meet in my writing workshops, it is to follow a dream of writing. The advantage of writing at an older age is that you have lived a life and whatever that life may be becomes material for a memoir or novel or whatever genre calls to you. Nothing is lost if you dare to write!

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