Time to Honor your Story?

              Two memoirs published  2021 There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.                                                                      Maya Angelou (from Last Lecture) I have reached an age when friends are ladened with hard illness or pass away. In their wake, memories live on. This made me realize how […]

Writing Memoir for Family Legacy on ZOOM, Sat, May 8 at 10 AM

Writing Memoir for Family Legacy on ZOOM, Sat, May 8 at 10 AM

Writing Memoir for Family Legacy        on ZOOM,  Sat, May 8 at 10 AM  I write in order to discover myself.” – Maya Angelou Why write a memoir? To discover what we have learned on our journey and then share that with others, those who come after.  Home is where our stories begin. What we […]

The Way of Story in Ojai, Sat, Sept 22, 2018

THE WAY OF STORY in OJAI with Catherine Ann Jones Saturday, Sept 22 (10-4pm)  “We’ve become lopsided living only in our heads. Writing, in order to serve the soul must integrate outer craft with the inner world of intuition and feeling.” – Catherine Ann Jones, NY TIMES  The Way of Story offers an integrative approach […]

On Writing Memoir

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On Writing Memoir

On Writing Memoir Life is a face of truth, mirroring back to us, ourselves. – Catherine Ann Jones, The Way of Story It is the ‘Age of Memoir’. The rise of interest in memoir recognizes the power of the genre to move and affect not just individual readers but society at large. The story that […]

Webinar on Writing Memoir, May 20, 2011

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Don’t miss Catherine Ann Jones, as she joins the National Association of Memoir Writers to discuss the Way of Story for writers at all stages of their memoir writing journey.